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lirik lagu no love – sone


so these stories have been hard to tell
overwhelmed is an understatement
under rated as i’m levitating on the game
and they keep waiting on this bed i’m making
i’m just stating i ain’t never leave
keep captivating
they want me to keep going
i’m so fascinated
my phone is on sleep mode cause i’m crafting greatness
too many people in my ear its so frustrating
they don’t understand the demand and the mode i’m in
o man i’m so done with fakeness
everybody checks in when they want something
but the check ain’t in so they keep going
narcolepsy on your boy, better keep snoring
last year was a good year
let them keep the rubber
this year we’ll give birth to your new brother
i’m just saying they ain’t ready for the new glover
cause i’m lethal with the words only k!lling stutter
but there’s plenty more playing boss with it
are they false with it are they forcing it
are they authentic ain’t no calling it
are they all in it are they called for it
is it hard living with no walls
are their souls tinted
let the sun in it
ain’t no heart with no blood in um
like there ain’t no love with no thug in um
keep on loving um ain’t no judging um
but it’s hard when they keep rubbing um
ain’t no genie in my god kiddo
ain’t no rob in um
plenty will in um
rather starve then to lie to um
keep it real with him
share a meal with him
knowledge is key when your souls missing
get the searching leave a sign saying gone fishing
something tugging at your line better go and get it
if your wounds need patching better get the stitching
like its been sone
but its been sone
pun intended check the insta
now its time for a greater mission

(hook x2) amanda paterson

no love, i wish it was all love
but you gave me no love
this is real, this is real

(verse 2 gemstar)