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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (freeverse) – sonny stevens


popping pills in the hallway, i pray to god they don’t notice
i’m only a train-wreck when riding a locomotive
flow, i keep’em focused on catching up to the back of me
to kiss my -ss with both feet on the gas, i be
0 to 100 n-gga, real quick
i’ve been busting these b-tches just like a field trip
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
and that’s the motto, fake n-ggas could swallow
a bottle of nothing but honest
honest i’m done spitting bout doing drugs and women
doing drugs and women
honest i’m done spitting bout doing drugs and women
sike i lied, i do drugs and women
that is not a confession and this not a concession
just take it like an erection and c-m all over the session
n-ggas thinking they awesome, talking with all that flexing
i’m here to just cut it out, and i ain’t talking c section
god d-mn!
cause i ain’t really down with all that nonsense
my conscience has too much to process
i’m nauseous from all of these f-cking comments
this ain’t facebook b-tch, not even twitter
so stop tweeting, repeating the conversations we having
at after-parties while tweaking and while yo booty was clapping
i’m nasty, scratch that, no actually
i’m nastier than an orgy going down in the backseat
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
f-ck if you love it, this is not that happy meal sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real talk
i meant real quick, overdosin on peel sh-t
real sh-t, i hear sh-t, f-ck the noise
they were never in the crew, so we screaming f-ck the boys huh?
motherf-cker i’m the choice
that’s why they got a n-gga rapping like packing toys huh?
but i don’t get it, they talk about my position
like they have their own position to keep the sh-t talking living
the gossiping just never seems to have an ending
you don’t like me, real sh-t, just stop pretending
i’m c-ck sending, to the condescending
and if i keep aiming at b-tches, imma catch a sentence
cause i’m burning buildings down like its 9/11
don’t be so sensitive, i’m only venting
back when i was eleven my favorite movie was halloween
that’s why i slash sh-t, blood all over the movie screen
f-ck with a monster, you c-ck suckers, i’m truly mean
mean enough to f-ck a beauty queen
in the back of a pageant and jamming until she can’t stand
and that’s plan, i plan to do the same to this rap
music, i only use it, i know just what it attracts
tired of all illusions, i’m here to make an impact
exposing you f-cking phonies, i’m pulling the curtain back
taking this f-cking game like i went and made a pact
it’s me and my f-cking brothers til god looks to subtract
and whether they know or not
i’m bringing these f-cking stacks
turning 0s to the hundreds n-gga real quick
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, real f-cking quick, n-gga

i remember when i was only a freshman
young and meeting new friends
and then starting a whole life and
they thought i was about to go in again
f-ck it
bow down!