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lirik lagu academy freestyle – sonreal


there’s so much inside of me
like a show car there’s, no drivin’ me
off the deep end ’cause i’ve been there
and i’d like to thank the academy
for all the times i acted like
my afterthoughts had no afterlife
bein’ too different can take its toll
authenticity has its price
my pain trickle when the sample run
i get right to it, i don’t have to run
i got one life, i got one wife
i got one kid, i’m bout to add two
and this pen don’t movе itself
i got things to say that i never fеlt
i got stones unturned that i never rolled
i got stories here that i never told and (i know, i know)
lately, i been seasick
my heart vroom like a v6 (yeah)
facetime my sister every day, i miss her (yeah)
haven’t even met my niece yet (true)
got an old friend goin’ through things
i wish i could take all that pain away
i wanna be the one you can come to
and that good news just a day away
i put my life on blast
no highlights, no shiny lights, no petty hype
i steady write to save my life ’cause without this
i might just fade away like hardaway into harder days
but i prefer the shawn carter way
i make the song cry while i encore
i got everything, i don’t want more
and i see it all from the top floor
to be honest with you, i just paint a picture
based on things that i fought for
39th ave to sherman oaks
from my pop’s bas*m*nt, just burnin’ smoke
god watchin’ on me, yeah, god watchin’ on me
and he never miss
yeah, i know
n0body happy all the time
that’s something that they don’t quite show
let it go
academy freestyle
let’s go