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lirik lagu shibuya tyson freestyle – sosmula


[verse 1]
son, you can tell pablo i’m the el chapo, lens on the tommy
blow the limbs off your body ’cause the sh-lls hollow
ayo, i’m scorin’, foreign, chanel model, chanel swallow
just in case i bust on her face she wore chanel goggles
listen, i’ma order shipments from the border
whole blocks, stove top, whippin’ up a quarter
that yay’ like a great white, it’s swimmin’ in the water
brick squad like gucci, rich gang like baby
bricks raw like sushi, flip ‘caine all crazy
s550 navy ‘cedes, your b-tch nine months?
that’s maybe my baby
pocket rocket on me, baby .380
you play me, you crazy
remember the times when my kicks used to look bad?
i used to holler, bad b-tches wouldn’t look back?
now i’m the guala with the bricks of the cooked crack
like shorty from fresh, with a brick in his book bag

[verse 2]
sitting in jail, i done had my worst nights
one way trip to h-ll, judge put me on that first flight
predicate felon over if i catch a third strike
is it really worth life? n-gg-s getting murked like
but all my work white, bricks at a dirt price
cribs get ransacked, n-gg-, where them bands at?
n-gg-, where the bricks of dope on that saran wrap?
i’ma count to ten then you gon’ get blammed at
shoot ’til it’s empty case you wanna tempt me
remember back then when my shoes was the skippys?
now it’s lou’s and balenci’s
looking at the mirror, i see you in a bentley