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lirik lagu 5 – soul glo


soul glo!

“if you don’t understand white supremacy as a global system
everything you think you understand about history
our time, and yourself will only confuse you”
first things foremost
at no time ever again will i expect anything aside from the widespread extinction of
those perpetuators of this contemptible experience of
blackness against a white background
i need no love from that, fuck that, fuck that, fuck that, fuck that

from time to time, i’ve dreamed of gulping down their blood so gratefully that i choke to death with a smile
so any sense of possession will be ground to dust under my heel
i promise i’ll defy that shit for real
there are so few in this wasteland i feel that i can trust
rest in pieces, rest in rust, rest in pieces, rest in rust
because the world will know these hands