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lirik lagu swag on my dick (remix) – soulja boy & lil b


[chorus: lil b]
b-tch, take a picture, real hood n-gga
swagged up to the maximum, swag on my d-ck
with that b-tch on my d-ck
ace spoon coon, man, mother f-ck a b-tch

[verse 1: soulja boy]
b-tch, i’m powered up, smokin h-lla purp
and i’m kushed up, high as f-ck, look at my shirt
i’m swag for real, the defenition of it
n-ggas got a deal, i’m the reason, bruh
sod, we here, this our f-ckin year
and these lame -ss n-ggas, please, get m outta here
i’m swag forever, i’m swag to death
b-tch, i’m countin money, on god, ok
swag on my d-ck, 5 on my wrist
30 on my mansion, goddamb, i’m here
girls know my f-ckin name, 3 pistols on me
let’s make it rain, all this red on me

[verse 2: lil b]
it’s the remix, swagged up sh-t
soulja boy, lil b, b-tches on my d-ck
ten on my neck, 50 on my wrist
young b-ssed god, f-ck that bad-ss b-tch
straight n-gga rich,rich n-gga sh-t
damb, got them b-tches on my d-ck
young -ss n-gga, got a swagged up clique
pretty boy sh-t, rep that pretty boy clique
you n-ggas know my name, b-tches know my name
n-gga, we stay gettin cake