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lirik lagu cries for the lonely – southern empire


who cries for the lonely?
left behind to nurse their emotional wounds
who sings for the broken?
dressed in rags while the king on his throne dons his crown
who speaks for the children?
cast aside like driftwood that washes ash-r-
who saves the downtrodden?
and welcomes them home while we’re closing our doors
and the sun will shine no more as darkness falls
and the blood of the innocents will flow

has time been re-written or is time running out?
the end of the ages weighs heavy with doubt
what consequence do we bring upon ourselves?
whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh oh…
while some have forgotten
can we walk mile for mile in their shoes?
or will we stumble?
and let all the scaremongers dictate our views
all that’s been shattered
blood seeping into the cracks in the ground
not that it matters
as long as you have your ideals you can turn down the sound
when the fall starts will the faithless fall away?
as the sun hides behind the moon for another day
foretold in prophecy, the time has come again
strange light, burn bright in every son of man
they dance among the embers of the city laid to waste
with conquest in their sights, words and images erased
it’s the quick or the dead while the leaders bend their knee
full of shame, all the same in every world they flee
the shameful kiss of the black rider
(the picture’s looking back at me)
caught in the web of the black spider
(no escape from the tyranny)
as the children play among the ruins there
we lament our fate and play at solitaire
no water flows and the cold wind blows
fight or flight, black or white, soon they’ll reap what they sow
i’ve seen many friends not make it through the pain
the place i lived is a desert now
and i’ve been witness to the worthlessness again
i prayed that fear would not set in
sometimes i dream i’m being carried by the dead
while there’s thunderous roaring overhead
a barren wasteland as far as eye can see
even to the horizon
and i feel as though my heart is lost
forever now… and cannot be revived
can time been re-written or our is time running out?
the end of the ages weighs heavy with self doubt
what consequences have we brought upon ourselves?
whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh oh… if i ask the question again