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lirik lagu bad intentions – spank


real get active
uh uh
n*gga ahh came around thinking he cool
you already know how that go
walk out of jail with bad intentions on my mind n*gga that’s 2 n a row
give a f*ck who u is, i ain’t throwing no flag it’s a switch on this hoe
dropping a bag
i’m the definition of a crook and a couple of seconds n*gga i pull that mood
if he ain’t one of mines i up that bando quick
f*ck n*gga thought we was cool
i ain’t part of the industry so why the f*ck u think imma follow some rules
you either gon starve or eat, if a n*gga know me you already know what i choose
box on the back of that g*19 tell me how tf ima lose
which one you want me to bring out i can bring 20’s or i can bring out the blues
full time rapping and just keep snaking help me, n*gga ion know what to do
we really hop out and leave sh*t vacent, that’s why they call us the landlord crew
where every i go that switch tuck, n*gga approach me his ahh gettin hit
i ain’t apology but i bail not do but, a couple n*ggas gon be sick
n*gga got left at the perfect time, couple of days i’m already lit
smoking on ray hurd he got left at that door, still ponta left him on a l!ck
come and collect n*gga i ain’t never running from sh*t
done sit out side lil n*gga, walk out let his ass get close then hit that switch
i done made so much off sliming a n*gga addicted i just can quit
smoking on mizzle, don’t think i forgot, how that young n*gga got hit in his sh*t
this ain’t no big homie nun, n*gga i’m spank, b*tch i’m ceo, super slime, b*tch i’m king snake, you’ll think these n*ggas know
we gon hop out on him, keep on hitting that drac, to you see that n*gga hit the floor
if the clip ain’t empty whenever u done, whenever we pull off hit it some more
you want beef but these n*ggas broke
we fina catch one throw on a all black coat
green ahh n*gga got booked still got him around nih he must be slow
soon as a n*gga run up we laying him down, bullets go all through his throat
rap ahh nih wanna beef i ain’t trippin, what you all these choppas for
already know i’m one of the biggest, 50k that’s just a month ago
come through that b*tch with 3 or 4 switches, we fina make everybody get low
know they think i pop so quick, im finna pop some more
soon as a young n*gga make that diss, guess what imma be right at his door
huh, already know that a n*gga can’t keep up, taking off a way a n*gga to fast
came back home went on n went spree ion give a f*ck n*gga shouldn’t make me mad
and i get caught at the light, we gon pull out the side, get to tapin that switch through the glass
one not me i bet do it now rn cs ong im finna start showing my ahh
on bro

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