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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (speakeasy’s version) – speakeasy


(first verse)
go 0 to 100 on ’em real quick!
well, if everybody’s doing it, sh-t…
but then again if i did what you people do, i’d say my flow is so r-t-rded
and i smoke so f-cking much that i could go and grow a garden
and when i grow older, all i wanna get’s a golden car
that goes so fast and goes so far that no police can pull it over
all i want for christmas is a big booty ho!
all i do is f-ck b-tches and go to the studio
and then you would say -beep- at the end of all of those lines
and how your d-ck’s bigger than all of ours. i know mine’s
only a six incher. you probably get a whole size
up from mine when you go to get condoms. now, don’t lie
i bet your flow’s sicker than little kids with ebola
in africa, starving and bleeding out of their own eyes
but when you make if big, you should probably go buy
a whole line of sneakers cause that’s better than oh, i
don’t know, maybe helping the kids with ebola!
but wait. it’s okay cause you had a hard home life
it’s hip hop! the high and mighty culture of the selfish
in america where everything you wear poses a health risk
to the people overseas who made it for two pennies
my two pennies is you should shut the f-ck up. you ain’t elvis
you’re just talking over beats that you probly didn’t produce
saying words you didn’t write and copying what the new
hip hoppers are all doing. i’ve seen drake and iggy
on t.v. they seem nice but their music is so sh-tty
that’s why jay drama sounds like lil wayne on a
different strain of ganja listening to lady gaga
while he puts a fake persona on instead of making honest music
let me clarify…i ain’t hating on ’em
i’m just saying talk about something other than b-tches
it’s easy to just do that coming up this business
mother f-ck the opinions of a top 40 hitlist
make a difference for more than just yourself and a couple millions
see, i can flow really fast and n0body has to know what i’m saying
so many rapping to just rap and yappity yapping. no one’s emotionally
attached to what they’re making. just as long as the bank accounts aren’t vacant
they can whatever they wanna say just as long as they
got a song to play for radio. honestly
who could flying f-ck if every single day is like a holiday?
money is the devil disguised as a dead president
just because you fly doesn’t mean that you were heavensent
i’m an angel from an angle unnoticed
this -n-l penetration with a halo
in other words, holy sh-t. the truth is painful
but also subject to change. it takes two to tango
if you’re such a unique artist then why do you hit the same note
as the other ones? you might be dicaprio to my django
call me oscar the grouch but you couldn’t get me if you tried
understand the reference? awards are only for game shows
there’s a difference between acclaim and raw talent
you don’t understand so put the game off balance
when speakeasy speaks, the free seek to feel this
what is optimism and pessimism to a realist?

(second verse)
i’ve been listening to biggie and pac and when they got shot
i don’t think they envisioned a world of b-tches and thots
coming from their culture. i don’t even listen to hip hop anymore
cause newcomers are p-ssing me off
yeah, we get it. you just lit a joint
and got another b-tch to suck your d-ck. it’s unoriginal and it just gets annoying
i could flip a coin and get more variety
than i do when i flip through my itunes library
i’m disappointed in the art form that i chose
i guess it’s strange to choose my heart over my hoes
and use my brain when i go hardcore in my flows
do more than entertain to start wars and cop
star wars production value cars, wh0r-s
make rhymes simple as juicy j on dark horse. i know
i’m different and unpopular cause of it
your box is cardboard. i’m like the ark of the covenant
but if neither of us ever look outside of us
to see the other side, then what’s the point of even trying. f-ck dissing
i’m just trying to make real eyes realize when it
comes down to it, we all have one vision
bumping dark side of the moon. night time in my room
speakers up to both ears. steady trying to move
my spirit higher. influenced by the legends of times before mine
singing to the world like…

imagine there’s no heaven
it’s easy if you try
no h-ll below us
above us only sky
imagine all the people