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lirik lagu baby pelican 4 (kill baby pelican) – spider gang


[intro: savage ga$p]
f*ck is this school always tel*
i was in the barbershop, tell me
”baby pelican ain’t ’bout this”
”baby pelican ain’t ’bout that”
my boy ah*
he* he literally a f*ckin’ aviant creature
he* he say* he say that pelican don’t be putting in no work*
shut the f*ck up, y’all don’t know sh*t!
all ya mothaf*ckers talkin’ ’bout*
”baby pelican ain’t no hitter”
”baby pelican don’t do this”
”baby pelican a fake”
shut the f*ck up!
you do not live with that pelican
y’all don’t know that pelican got caught with the rats
just shootin’ at the police and sh*t
baby pelican been on probation since f*ckin’…
i don’t know when
motherf*ckers, stop playin’ with him like that!
the dee* the pelicans out there savagеs
and i catch a motherf*cka talkin’ sweet about baby pelican
i’ll f*ckin’ beat him ass!
i’m not еven f*ckin’ playin’ no more!
he’s literally a baby, he don’t know any better
(man, f*ck baby pelican!)
[bridge: lil darkie]
(god d*mn it!)
(ah, f*ckin’ baby pelican…)
(i should’ve known better about this pelican)
(baby pelican’s f*cked it up again)
(man, f*ck baby pelican)
(i can’t believe i ever had anything to do with baby pelican)
(yeah we pelican cane, n*gga, you know what’s up)

[verse 1: lil darkie]
huh, baby pelican f*cked up again
baby pelican addicted to ‘xans
baby pelican caught with red hands
baby pelican? that’s a dead man
if you f*ck with baby pelican i will k!ll you
i hated him before, and i still do
i guess baby pelican cannot change
baby pelican is deranged
baby pelican hate on his friends
baby pelican did it again
baby pelican act like he ten
baby pelican act like a child
baby pelican used to make me smile
now that n*gga just make me frown
i’m comin’ for baby pelican’s crown
i’ma put baby pelican in the ground
[verse 2: bruhmanegod]
baby pelican!
straight to the choppin’ block
baby pelican suck a lotta c*cks
pelican on the block, sellin’ rocks
baby pelican worse than ronald reagan
baby pelican is the sp*wn of satan
baby pelican allegations
all of them are proven facts
baby pelican sucks at rap
baby pelican got no bars
baby pelican think he hard
baby pelican is a r*t*rd
baby pelican donated to the cops
baby pelican is my top opp’
i will beat his face in, i will not stop
(i f*ckin’ hate you baby pelican)

[chorus: bruhmanegod]
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
[verse 3: blckk]
yeah, that pelican took all the hot water
you don’t wanna k!ll it? but somebody gotta
put that pelican down in the dirt for good
f*ck that pelican, yeah
i hope his momma die and then his kids, too
on my best day, i’m eating pelican soup
if i see him again i don’t know what i’ll do
i hope you get cancer
i hope the government check on your internet bandwith
i hope they lock you up
and then force you to listen to infinite sam smith
i hope your dad get drunk
and then beat you to death with his gun
i hope you the victim of ai abuse
it’s your life now, b*tch, you better get used to it
go out, really do this sh*t
i thought about it and i’m gonna go through with it
i’m logged into your instagram, i’m ’bouta post 10 pics of a kid in iran
and i’m gonna capture it “k!ll this f*cking kid right now!”
and make everyone think that you said that
that’s before i log into your snapchat
unsolicited messages incoming
and i’m coming for you baby pelican
everybody will think that it’s genuine
and that no 3rd party was involved at all
i’m ’bouta make you regret it in the bathroom stall
(f*ck this f*cking pelican!)
(god d*mn it!)
(i’ll f*ckin k!ll that pelican!)

[verse 4: teenage disaster]
i’ma shoot a bird right in the face mo’f*cka
yeah, baby pelican a b*tch, mo’f*cka
yeh, it ain’t even worth my spit, mo’f*cka
how the f*ck, you evolve?
yo’ head big as f*ck
yeah, i don’t f*ck with aviation
put this b*tch on medication
when i see baby pelican, i get mad (yeah)
when i see baby pelican i’ll get angry
don’t trust baby pelican he steals
eats mcdonald’s for every meal
no more pelican? that’s a deal
yeah, f*ck this motherf*cker that’s for real

[chorus: teenage disaster]
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
oh, yeah, oh, yeah
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
ah, huh, ah, yeah

[verse 5: eddison]
yeah, yeah, roll a hill, then burst shop
hop in the whip then blow him up
spit in his sh*t, kid i’m santa
yeah i f*ck that birdie b*tch
i put some sh*t in my gun make it cl!ck
f*ck that pelican b*tch, agh, agh, agh
roll my fade, roll my gun fight
if i catch him i’ma kidnap him at night
he gettin’ eliminated, get to fight
give me the gun on my sh*t, make it done right
he getting flawed when i stomp, make him cold
i’ma k!ll baby pelican, he won’t get old
whatever he hidin’, i’m kickin’ that door
i’ma lead that lil’ n*gga bleedin’ on the floor
gun go: “peh, peh”
baby pelican he broken, in debt
shoot that baby, shoot him way above the neck
when i throw i throw, he’s not next
baby pelican you next, ooh
when i catch you b*tch you dead, ooh
talkin’ sh*t upon the ‘net, buh?
i f*ck that b*tch inside his bed, ooh

[bridge 2: jasiah]
baby pelican gave me aids and he knew he had it, f*ck baby pelican

[verse 6: wendigo]
woah, woah, woah (let’s go!)
baby pelican is a f*cking b*tch (yeah!)
all i got for him is 30 round clips (yeah!)
i got 30 different b*tches suckin’ my d*ck
i got 30 different stitches right in baby pelican
i got two, cup, stuffed, ridin’ ’round with my lean
if i see baby pelican, it’s a murder scene
i’m ’bouta shoot up his whip, kidnap his b*tch
extort his whole family
put his body in a ditch (yeah)

[verse 7: cxrpse]
heard baby pelican took my flow
heard baby pelican don’t go with the flow
heard baby pelican don’t f*ck with the bros
k!ll baby pelican, stomp it
pelican, where are you parking? watch it
pelican, i got two rounds in his pocket
yeah, baby pelican what the f*ck did i do to you?
baby pelican walk in to the function everybody be like
”who the f*ck is you?”
baby pelican look at me wrong, f*ck you
yeah, f*ck you pelican, f*ck you
uh, i’ma say it again*
f*ck you pelican, f*ck baby pelican, f*ck you pelican

[chorus: cxrpse]
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican

[verse 8: kyle slow]
i got a bullet with baby pelican’s name on it
f*ck baby pelican, he is a b*tch
baby pelican, he ain’t no sh*t
grab his pelican ass and leave it in the ditch
crush a pelican chick with a big ass brick
baby pelican, he is an assh0l*
pelican jealous of all of this castle
i’ll sn*tch a pelican, not with a lasso
and bury his ass with a big ass backhoe
baby pelican whack as f*ck
baby pelican straight up shmuck
baby pelican better learn to duck
force*mash him up with a massive truck
baby pelican don’t got no ‘ris’
baby pelican don’t got no b*tch
baby pelican ain’t got no drip
roll a pelican up in a pelican spliff

[chorus: bruhmanegod]
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican

[verse 9: afourteen]
baby pelican don’t f*ck with n0body
and that’s why i do not be f*cking with him
baby pelican, i’ll roll up on buddy
i tell him i’m shooting up all of his friends
baby pelican, no stats, he be p*ssy, i swear that might be your last set
baby pelican, you thought i was kidding?
standing on b*tches i’ll bully his dad
baby pelican, he thought i ain’t with it
cut through that f*ck, i be f*ckin’ on his b*tch
how you a pelican? can’t even fly
then he gon’ say he gon’ slide for the bros but he lies
doin’ that sh*t every time
honestly bro just can’t make up his mind for sh*t
yeah (brah, brah!)
baby pelican the b*tch
baby pelican an opp’
put his body in a ditch
i don’t f*ck with none at all
baby pelican the b*tch

[bridge 3: afourteen]
baby pelican did 9/11, i swear to f*cking god he did 9/11

[verse 10: johnnascus]
lil’ baby pelican, i’ma see your opps
built like a you a raisin’* (ahh, ye*e*e*e*e*e*eah!)
ya* eh* ah* e* eh* a* ah*
baby pelican
yeah, i’ma swing you like a bat
baby pelican, you don’t know why i’m a sta*
baby pelican, i’ma touchin’ you the ta*
i’ma hear ya scream
scream like a pelican squeaks
then you* disease*
(i want to k!ll myself)

[outro: plague blvd.]
f*ck baby pelican momma
f*ck baby pelican daddy
i wish they never conceived baby pelican
f*ck baby pelican
b*tch ass n*gga, b*tch made, b*tch ass
baby pelican, f*ck you baby pelican
f*ck you
i don’t usually say sh*t like this
but i think baby pelican should die

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