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lirik lagu fataliate diss track – spinoiynonmous


[intro:goldberg & lilpumpking & spinoiynonmous]
guess what son, you’re next

you been working on this diss
and the only sh*t i get is this
wheres the diss track
r*t*rd ass b*tch
we streamed on mixer
oh wait, you got aids
matter of fact those 100 views
were from one of your class mates
used to be a fan
and you still a fan now
i see your girl dumped you
oh wait
what girl?
mustafa ali
thats what you wanna call me
you are a racist pr*ck
with a small ass d*ck
you make me feel sick
take a look at those dislikes
youtube rewind

[verse 1: dax]
man i always tell these rap n*ggas this sh*ts a sport
this a competition
only the strong survive
its dax
you ready?
i’m sick of the bullsh*t
i should be on top, but i’m riding the bench
n*ggas are blowing for less, i’ve been k!lling these beats and they don’t wanna show me respect
hopped off the porch from the north, ya i came here to k!ll so i’m aiming these bars at their neck
god to these n*ggas i took them to church cause these p*ssy ass n*ggas gonna have to repent
ask any rapper about dax, and i promise that n*gga gonna say they don’t know me
i meet ’em in person, they say they the homie, then i got the word that the n*gga a phony
half of these rappers was made with adobe
copy and paste, they just rap about a roley
cutting up rappers like barbers, ’cause i got the edge now i’m up so i fade em like kobe
all black be the fit because i’m finna murder n*ggas here today
i was a janitor back in december then i took my sh*t and i moved to la
used to be broke, i was cleaning the floors it was overnight shifts everyday (facts)
now when i rap on an instrumental, you can guarantee my ass getting paid

[verse 2: lilpumpking & spinoiynonmous]
h*llo justin, my names james you should go back to recovery
i know your ego hurting jump shot so bad now you begging for rediscovery
now tell me what do you stand for
i know you can’t stand yourself
trying nickans girl so bad man you turning into a simp yourself
dropped a diss track just because of me
man you in love with me
frick team renegade
now useless with a blunt blade
coming barefaced with a black shovel like the armageddon when the smoke settles his body next to this instrumental im saying
im sick of them weak bars and them corny lines lets talk about it
im sick of you being c*cky and you still lose lets talk about it
both of us single boys from the bay area we can talk about it
or we can get serious ill size up your body and put some white chalk around it
[verse 3: fataliate]
i bet your quite confused on how this diss took over
ill tell you the story your girl was bent over