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lirik lagu those about to rot – spiritual ravishment


the underground solution,
while mother holds her child
indoors survivors dwell now,
hidden from the light!
hidden from the light!

abandoning all reason,
sinking in hollow ground,
apocalypse came with a
deafening sound!
deafening sound.!

wait, this strange anomally
is talking to me, is talking to me
wait, it sees inside of me
messing with me, messing with me!
and if i got what it takes,
i’ll whipe the blood off my face
the system, god and his son
are at the point of a gun…
your eyes are filled with regret,
the terror comes from the depth,
the end is now coming near
everything is burned down now!

i will go insane and i will take you with me!
smell in the air, stench of despair
i’ll find a way, to make me insane…

i will go insane and i will take you with me!

the land of retribution, conquering us all
finding no solution, waiting for the fall
strange anomaly is talking to me
sees inside of me!

i’m nothing more than a rotting piece of flesh!