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lirik lagu i don’t know what to name this song – spleeeen


this beat is crazy, you should throw it in an institution
like a criminal, i’m waiting for my execution
easy puzzle but i can’t find a single solution
i’m trying to make it clear ’cause i don’t wanna cause confusion
my lyrics lowkey sound official * barely
i drink motor oil [?] ’cause i’m beneficial
call me a dog the way the bag blows the whistle
i can take your gun and turn a bullet into a missile
i threw a kid, like, 30 feet into the air
i’d throw a couple of more, man, i don’t care
bite in a rocket like it’s an apple or a pear
had to make this song for the sake of a dare
i don’t really care if they glance or they stare
but if i see you, then i’ll throw you down a flight of stairs
i’d eat an orange without taking off the peal first
i’ll eat it up*close just to make you feel worse

yes, i do that
it tastes horrible but it’s* it’s kinda funny

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