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lirik lagu 007 – stan z



they like the way that i move
they like the way that i talk
know i come in h-lla smooth
know i be running the walk

yo’ sh-t too predictable just like the plot
know i expose you like one of them thots
on my last mission she went switchin’ sides
p-ssy so good it should be cl-ssified

lookin’ at you through the peephole
everybody wanna peep now
all they wanted was a handout
those ain’t my people

got the whole party yes right by my side
a little bacardi keep me satisfied
i’m double o do you hear me
all them bad guys fear me

but what’s a bad guy to a bad guy standing on the other side of a line
led by a blind man, led by some dead presidents come alive when it’s paytime

one thing i can tell you
is that i’ma get mine
i’ma go jump in the coop hit the gas till a mothaf-cka redline


sprechen sie cash i get the money i dash
only if it’s loud you p-ss to me, said that two times shout out jay-lean

yeah she want all of my gadgets, starin’ at me with the lazer beams, said she could bury my hatchet
now she wanna be the main squeeze

big drones, different angles
i’ma hit it, in my sandals
big drones with them different angles
i’ma hit it right in my sandals just like 007


[verse 2]
i got me like i got me. tell me what do you believe if it ain’t in yourself?
better find some meaning. told you one time this my season. know we burnin’ trees so you better get to leaving

never play for free i’m cold, i’m freezing
secret under cover agent it’s that steazy on my sheezy

look america
we in the cut
feelin wild so i’m finna mix it up godd-mn

like what’s the fuss
shout out to gus
know we out here k!llin’ sh-t like its the fuzz
oh nah dawg. nah dawg