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lirik lagu 4u – stephen simmonds


i’m looking for a friend,
so take me as i am
the world is filled with lies,
the evil never ends
my soul is turning pale,
my wind ain’t got no sail
but when i see you smile,
i know that i’ll prevail

i live for u and i,
u keep me alive
girl you keep me alive
break my heart and i’ll die
u keep me alive
girl you keep me alive

it’s all i ever knew and so i turn to you
to keep me from the cold
is all you have to do
’cause you’re my only shield,
when sorrow makes me feel
as if there is no hope,
but i just need to heal

so if you just give me time
i swear to you that i
will treat you like a queen
forever by your side,
so be patient with me
everybody makes mistakes,
but there will be no morning
if you’re not there when i awake
i live for you and i…