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lirik lagu 12/8 blues (all the same) – stephen stills


by stephen stills
â© 1976 gold hill music

can you see me cryin’?
can you hear me dyin’?
i want to talk to you,
listen too
do you know me
like i know you?
do you love me
like i love you?
is it all the same, yeah?
we’ll be old friends
till the road ends
we’ll be fine.
listen to me say to you
i got the music
i need the sp-ce
i like to use it
to get out of this place
cause it’s all the same, yeah
i got the miserables
help me
don’t seem sensible
you tell me
i want to talk to you
listen too
too many times
i swallow my words
is it a crime
to want to make her
or is it all the same, yeah?