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lirik lagu glance – stephen xavier


so lately i’ve been thinking about
when you’re life is supposed to change at that turning point
what happens if you don’t see it?

[verse 1}
look, i got a secret
if i get bored with it i’ll probably leave it
i’m not gon’ trust it if it’s too convenient
keep being told i should be bit more lenient
i always questioned if sh*t has a meaning
meaning if helping or [?] is [?]
learning if sh*t on my mind i should speak it
questioning if how i feel is a weakness, look
i’m tryna get away, life getting in the way
i think i overthink too much
i’m looking for a change but i’m in disarray every time somеbody brings you up
i know i’m in love but i wonder if i’m weak causе of how i always cling to us
i know i’m being dumb but what if we break from the wayif the things too tough?
that’s enough, look, i ain’t gon’ run
never backtrack i just got to overcome
i’d be a 360 if i had my xbox or would i downgrade, i already got the 1
working too hard for a job i got to keep
man i’m working this hard for a job i want to leave?
looking to long, man it’s time i got to leak
too much on my plate, why complain i got to eat
we see slump, i’m breaking the trance
got weed in my trunk i’m making amends
i don’t eat from the junk, come see through my lenses
don’t need no fake love, don’t want no new friends
everybody see me as the man with the plan
something i don’t really understand but i am
seeing i’m the one but i can’t get a glace at my chance
i guess i know it when i see it
hope i don’t miss, hope i don’t
i guess i know it when i see it
hope i don’t miss, but i won’t

[verse 2]
and i know i’m clueless at times but, if you knew what to do to get mines
won’t be surprising if you get inspired but, i’ve been this close to loosing my mind
often forget i’m human inside
making me sweat like its humid inside
know what i ain’t when room in supply but they see what they want and they do what they like so
i ain’t gon’ stress that, just another setback
telling me to step back, this what i do
wishing we could get back, guessing we was mismatched
i ain’t gon’ let that mess up my mood
i do what i’m best at so i just kick raps till i make an impact
no i’m not true, no i’m not through
never let them but i know i got room cause you know i got rules
i ain’t really in the movie [cher?]
telling me the love is in the air, i never get to breath
well aware that life is never fair
understand i’ll never be prepared so it’s better just to see
cause i be seeing time just fly so my mind just like “i know i’m that guy”
with the smoke cause i got something y’all can’t find
let me catch my vibe like a contact high
make them go dumb when i give them a show
make her go numb when i give her a stroke
they got the sign but that sh*t is a joke
i don’t never forget, i just get it and go
i ain’t progress when i did what was told
rare if i flex, i just get it and go
cause i’m tryna find something different i ain’t be before
i guess i know it when i see it
hope i don’t miss, hope i don’t
i guess i know it when i see it
hope i don’t miss, but i won’t