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lirik lagu 4am – stereo


it’s 4am
but i am wide awake and staring at the wall
my mind is mess
as my eyes beg for rest my ears wait for your call
lying in bed
thinking of ways to stack my cards so they won’t fall
i feel like i’m dead
the puzzle pieces fit but make no sense at all
now that you’re gone
i can’t go on
it won’t be long
who’s that knocking at my door?
who could be there?
my guess it’s the one i adore
cause i can’t get to sleep anymore
when i do it’s dreams of you at my door
it’s a feeling just too hard to ignore
cause it’s you i want to be there at my door
all things said and done you were the worst to come my way
but nothing has changed since you’ve gone away
when i look around reminded how you took my breath away
i know have issues, like maybe i miss you
what would it take for you to stay?
what else is there i could say?