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lirik lagu 1st of the month – steroidz


1st of the month having breakfast and lunch
whether gave a hunch
for a morning sun
with the coldness still happy that it come
gear shift thumb
left my hand feeling numb

shift animosity
cause it doesn’t bother me
people making a mockery
while there living poverty

going really fast no im not going slow
listen to the lyrics then you’ll fully get to know
potential going hard in my master lyric flow
optimum in height know im never aiming low

got spare time are you ready for a part 4
rolex watch do you really wanna know more
f64 yeah i need another encore
in contact as i send mind thought

don’t be shy you can chill to the vibe
don’t k!ll the glide leave your issues to the side
received through your phone
counting ticks on the right
sound of my tone saying hey you alright

don’t wanna leave this emotion you feed
i’m loving your current perception of me
intermediate or amateur, please
21st*century gem of a breed

into this world with this life that i lead
where it will go to the people in need
that can be bought but cannot receive
akon in africa solar relief

throwing the change for the mind to connect
relate with my heart and you’ll never forget
and if you believe me you’d never regret
the memory’s i update and always correct

to recollection lemme just say
if you feel this verse make your day
send me a wish come swing my way
least you could shout me a hi or a hey

hearing these bars and i’m keeping it real
fresh and it’s hot no moments to chill
eating food when you’re having a meal
table with family know how it feels

blowing the smoke even though that it k!lls
drinking with friends with the women and men
no babylon or beef in the ends
weekly go through cycle again

stagnated slope i’m not gonna pretend
that’s i don’t deal with the realist of trends
picture to you what i’m trying to send
toxic thoughts aren’t making a mend

it’s an impulse that i have to confess
the past is still holding me going my best
optimization i’m cleaning my mess
like nan told me ‘don’t settle for less’

don’t put your eggs in 1 basket unless
you’ve got your family to back up your nest
antiguan trait with the heart of the great
also st lucian jamaica it’s bait
know man’s from a caribbean place
mixed ugandan seeing my face
catching me slipping not finding a trace
only be waisting your mind ina maze

but try to relate to the life that i live
live in the same word meaning i give
ways that i feel you try elaborate
in queens english jury magistrate

judging myself don’t need a validate
and my self*esteem know ill never navigate
soaking opinions should evaporate
condensate levitate on a window slate