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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (freestyle) – steve gunna



i’m the illest
no if buts or probably
f-ck the game up with my honesty honestly
i’m jamaican where gangja be
tell these women don’t bond with me
or get comfortable commonly
cuz chasing these commas need
a benz or ferrari
sometimes i feel i’m a king pin
praying to gotti
i’m equip, fit, still searching for purpose
give your chick quick d-ck
and tell her she deserves it
i’m a god with these lyrics
i’m guiding you b-tches
i’m kind but i’ll remind you instant
if crossed kris cross jump
please get off d-ck

i got thoughts, i’m pretty smart
i’m a bachelor
with bachelors and f-cking cold heart (what else my n-gga)
i’m a rap mozart, not in the trap but in fact i’m that dope boy
my sk!ll level still deadly
you ain’t that close boy
this sport i score the most point
you just a backboard boy
or a back up cuz you lack the
sk!ll set or the practice
but the fact is
i’m a factor not an artist or a rapper
but a g*nius with an act for
word play, these verbs brave, they surface and get at these mcs that
spit the worst phrase

the beast coming
f-ck all the quiet sh-t
and i’m the illest out the bronx
for who inquiring
my style is in, i’m kobe iverson
kyrie ervin, observing, get murdered
be careful who you colliding with

my work ethic is worth repping
if i want my n-gga it’s worth stressing
and if i’m all in then loyalty what you getting
far from perfect

ima star in the making, draft day
teddy bridge water
spitting heat retreat my n-gga this just a warm up
this verse going to hit nerves
get all n-ggas cautious
like why you ain’t warn us
for sh-t talkers this just bad karma

hot temper, i got thing for
artenders latinas
living la vida
leading the allegiance
of young handsome
that make anthems
of reaching dreams
working like machines
sacrificing weekends
so we can get mansions

to total opposite, y’all better wise up
i’m fingering your girl up
i ain’t time to put the peace sign up
please honor the flow or umma
demolish with this polish college
but so street demeanor
looking cleanest out the borough