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lirik lagu writtens – stevie b (rapper)


yo, i’m mothaufcking stevie b
i murder every other mc
that wanna f-ck with me i let em see
that i murder every beat and leave people deceased
my name’s stevie b
wanna know how stevie be?
stevie be p-ssy cuz all these dweebs keep getting beat
my old name was zzz cuz i’ll put a boy to sleep
no dreams
he be living in a nightmare
gettin real scared
try to run up on me i swear
i’ll throw him in the air
or drop him off the ferris wheel at the fair
and if he f-ck with me
never mind he won’t
not even if i dare
him and another boy would be a good pair
so step into stevie b’s lair
i’m black on the inside , i got three layers
wait that’s not the sound of a gunshot
it sounds like a bullet penetrating his tw-t
keep talking sh-t and you’ll get caught
i f-cked his mom so hard , if she keep pushin’ she might see her son pop
you’ll get jumped in the middle of the wal mart parking lot
asthma will f-ck you up
you might need a cough drop
one fist will get you caught
now i’m the real king of the dot
pop pop
sounds like more people getting shot
go ahead laugh away
yeah b-tches that’s what i thought
you know nothing about wordplay you need to get taught
now i’ve been to juvey three times i got 3 parole officers
i’m the leader of my squad i’m like a ceo
now take the word 3po
mix it in with ceo
what do you get?
not a d-mn thing but i had you thinking tho
i’m called mr. stealyourhoe
cuz i don’t care if you my bro
i f-ck any b-tch that”ll deep throat
if you think i’m lying
i’ll demonstrate with yo hoe
i’m really not evens started and i’m about to explode
i better end this sh-t fast cuz y’all starting to ride my d-ck
no h0m-
i’m solo
now get out of here
your no moe