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lirik lagu always love – stevie rizo


its always love
its always love
its always love
its always love
(its all)
its always love and it always will be
its kinda hard to describe the feeling
had to build it up from nothing
im honored and willing
tryna lift your name up pass the ceiling
im pass my feelings
im on to something new
now that my
now that my soul up under you ain’t no
ain’t no going back i promise that
i’m tryna show the youngins
whips and jewelry is cool, but you
really rich when you in tune with your soul
they rather have you praising diamonds and gold
telling god you’ll serve him before you die and old
well why not now
cause when your clock run out
ain’t no telling how
you got be judged for the things you’ve done
in your life time
ain’t no such thing as the right time
so know your friends ain’t god
and these drugs be k!lling
and you gotta survive
imagine you open your eyes
its all over with
did you fulfill your purpose
love love love love
love love love
its always love
its always