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lirik lagu 1nite – stunt taylor


i just want one night
i geta whole lot of cash get whole lot of -ss i ain’t right
i gota b-tch wita can no man wit a band so i know sum ain’t right
i just want one night

that b-tch so chewy
cus she heard i made fefe
she know i be flee flee
i’m to boogie don’t do me
but she prob wanna do me
cus she heard i made ucci
f-ck boy keep tooley
in the bed room movie
but i just want one night
jumped to high in that p-ssy i took flight
gota whole lots cash i ain’t tricking for no -ss but tonight girl i just might
b-tch sike suck it right forhead on my abs tonight
i’m gripping that -ss tonight
ima rude boy shorty i ain’t nice
i just want one night
these hoes ain’t even faithful
thots can’t keep they legs close
money stack like legos
but shorty i ain’t hating
290 foreign racing
red bottom b-tch i’m lacing
i’m 1st placing
tell her meet me at the door b-tt naked
cus i just want one night

i ain’t into wifin
plumber b-tch i’m pippen
lumber b-tch i slide in
ko p-ssy goodnight
i just want one night
she want me to wife
b-tch i might
h-ll naw sike
hate when a b-tch wanna turn to a dike
cus the pipe want right
slide out west tonight
we can grab us a bite
after that gimmie head at the light
ion wanna f-ck cus that p-ssy want tight p-ssy want right just one night so f-ck it i might f-ck it ight h-ll yea shorty lemme hit it from the side
fina go crazy all inside
i just want one night
i like a b-tch that boogie
boon shooting like movie
so many hoes they groupies
so baby don’t do me
stop pump faking
yo girls hatin
ion like cakin
just get naked
before i shake it