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lirik lagu wont go out – sturdy gz


intro: jimmytotechops:
jimmy gz mr. flock em down better duck when you hear them gun sounds n*gga grrah grrah boom
9oh, what you gon do if you run into trappin?

verse 1: st*rdy gz:
st*rdy gz ya’ll know what i’m on
let’s spin through the sev imma hop out and ? (doak)
most of them n*ggas is dead in the air (nazzy)
tay breesh you dont have a fair
b squeez said he spun my block like where
that n*gga know better to come over here
fan ass n*ggas know where i’m at
put d*ck in her mouth she was jacking she hatz
2 v’s 2 g’s trynna catch us a munna
sha gz get shot every summer
mari and stewie they ran on each other
think he mad cause i told em to pick up his brother (rahrah)
caught james bond lacking in front of his mother
yeah we on that so dont bother
lil bdot you sucking my d*ck like
and i’m old enough to be ya father
ask lil st*rdy how many you threw
i catch jah he get sent to the moon
scream 13 13’s get boomed (13k)
and jd i’m looking for you
and tg you p*ssy you dipped on ya manz
and leeky you dont have a band
breezo why would you mention my twin
u dont wanna see us two deep on ya strip (9oh)
? ya b*tch imma give her the d*ck
it get lit if she gimme the drop
opp thot trynna come to my block
like scream rpt kick her out the spot
jacob a d*ck n*gga died with his knocks (jacob)
like never, can’t be me
like what how i’m dissin on ec
stop chattin ya’ll know where we be (9oh)
verse 2: ron gzz:
f*ck the net you catch me in person
gun on my waist ian wearing purses
catch a opp doing the purgin
we gon dirt him ? now i’m splurging
doing murders , f*ck a v imma do it on feet (9oh)
in the field but i ain’t wearing cleats, what you gon do if you run into me

verse 3: jimmytotechops:
13 shots for 13 losers
we gon hop out the v we gon chew him
spin the hill throwing shots off a scooter
throw up a 8 dont die like buddha
like the 13’s play for the lackers
no green bay but we play for the packers
like these n*ggas dont even be factors
said he was gunnin so we had to pack him
jayripk, lotti, kb, dead (rippy)
chico, rahrah got hit in the head
none of them n*ggas had one in the head
when i upped they was duckin they head
how he talking got hit in his neck?
nazzy got hit and he crawled to his death
lotti got poked shoulda stayed in his chest
spin 43rd and i’m leaving him stretched
do him like rilly get shot in his head
sending shots when we spin through the sev
sha gz was yelling my leg
? he a b*tch he got poked in his chest (poke him poke him)
f*ck rah i roll him he dead (rahrah)
whole shotta shots when i see nesty gzz
he was panickin coppin a plea
he a b*tch n*gga got on his knees
and dev really ran for his life
matter fact n*gga ran like twice (that n*gga did bad)
spin the hill throwing shots off a bike
and i’m toting on becky i dont wanna fight like
verse 4: bizzygetbizzy:
he get shot in his mouth if he talk like a tough n*gga
if he jack 1300 its up n*gga
better duck cause this knocka gon dump n*gga

beat a opp n*gga face on repeat like a drum n*gga
like the last opp we beat just for fun n*gga
if i dont got the gun he got poked in his lungs n*gg
smoking lotti its punching my lungs n*gga
dont forget about rahrah went out like a dumb n*gga
he did bad now he up in my blunt n*gga

outro: st*rdy gz:
what you gon do when you run into trappin like , grrah