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lirik lagu still gonna love you – styl-plus


styl*plus baby
big love, big, big love on the beat yow
ow, ow…
baby girl, baby girl
i’m still gonna love you


[verse 1]
people say i’m crazy ’cause i’ll say i’ll have let you go
can you believe that baby, i’m afraid of being all alone
little known that i love you, in a way that they can never understand
they can never understand just what it takes the be a man

[verse 2]
people say i’ma focus i don’t care about the things they say
they don’t believe i’m cool because i’ll say i love you anyway
they don’t know that i know that you love me
you’re there for me when no one else was there
you’re there for me and get for me and that’s the reason why

[verse 3]
people say you’re playing me, they say you’ve gotten another man
they’ll play hating me but baby now i know that plan
they just want me to leave you ’cause i know how much i need you in my life
that’s scar that if they leave us one day you’ll be come my wife

[verse 4]
people say you’re using me this seem my moneys all you want (all you want)
do you confusing me they claim your love is just a false
they don’t know i know all about you
they don’t know how much for me sacrifice
you [?] rainy days with me and that’s the reason why


[verse 5]
i know they say i’ma full, girl
the truth is i love you girl
no matter what they say about you
i’m gonna stand by you and fight for you girl

[verse 6]
i know you’re believing me girl, the way i’m believing you girl
no matter what they tell me that you do
i’m still gonna love you
[verse 7]
girl, i know sometimes you feel (you feel)
i’m gonna let you go
look into my eyes tell me what you see
girl, i know this love is real
i ain’t gonna let you go
oh no
i’m gonna stay, stay