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lirik lagu serpent(album edit) – suggestions




i beg to forgiveness

“you can’t back down
it’s too late now
i was seeing
you felt so good, don’t you?

our sins never disappear
this is your choice
so you would be happier not knowing”

my ugly mind

i feel poison takes affect
even if n0body knows

cause i saw her eyes
there is no reason anymore

i spit blood at myface throw my dirty mirror

there is so f-nny face
i clean up it by my red
i’m feeling better now

our sins never disappear
this is my f-cking choice
so i would be happier not knowing

my ugly mind

worthless part
inside your head
show the worst of your
(f-cking mistake)
you’ve been just failure one
and you can not keep
(keep for more)

let’s falling down