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lirik lagu no more – sujoy gupta


i don’t trust in nothing no more! (no more!)
no more on the med sh-t (nope)
no more trusting fake friends (nope)
you might just regret it (what)
i’m too busy counting them stacks
you should start to pick up that slack
you should quit smoking crack
that stuff finna send you back!
wait, hold up
people saying that i’m on some sh-t
but i’m pretty sure they just tripping
you gonna see me with so many racks
come on you know it’s just given
soon i’m gonna have cash flying out my pocket
and i’m not gonna be spending it on some stupid jacket
i’m saving it all to go to college
so you know i got all that knowledge
i stay pushing myself to the ledge
so i can be the best there is
i don’t let the fame mess with my head
ima cause the haters to turn to shreds
i don’t do drugs, instead i take the energizer
how do you think i spit all these bars?
i just rap for the motorcars
my bars probably gonna cause a forrest fire
it’ll make all the haters go haywire
i rap so hard it’s like some sort of gunfire
but it’s so fire, u calling me a liar?
i think it’s dire u go to the infirmary
cause my bars gonna cause a state of emergency
you probably not in your state of mind cause my bars probably just left u behind
now you so blind in your hate, u probably didn’t hear the news
that at this point my fame just accrues
so being a hater will lower your revenue
cmon do u even know who u talking to?
mess with me it’ll change your angle of view
and u won’t have anyone to look up to! (ooh!)
you can put me in a mansion
but i got all these racks cause i rapped with p-ssion
i be riding that wraith that i bought for 300 thousand
and the street lights always be shining
people in the city committing crime and
i just wanna be here on the high end
i’m trying to spread my positivity
just rapping and rapping and going again
i don’t wear suits and sip lean every ten
but there’s a lot of people that have beef with me
but i’m more than what you think i am
i’m gonna take out all the haters one by one
they k!llin the vibe of all the people
ima split you in half with my rap!
that’s how i make all these bands
that’s why i am the king of trap
that’s why i can make k!ller tracks!
ima take out your whole alb-m with a snippet
you probably gonna dig it
i got a gucci belt on my jeans
i pull up to the club like where ya been?
people confused i spit this fire
matter fact haters’ plan bout to backfire
but you know i get it
you just jealous of me cause i can spit it
but i have all this stuff cause i got respect
and also cause i don’t neglect
i don’t care if you h-ll-bent
you bout to see what’s coming next!
you probably so perplexed cause my rap so complex
i think i gotta teach you some respect
but first you should look at the specs
i’ve been spitting fire since since i’ve been able to speak words
so now i can cut the haters into two thirds
the lies they make about me is like the theater of the absurd
now u saying that i’m unheard of, but u should be concerned about your favorite rapper getting replaced
cause my words are like a coup de grace
now u should know this just in case
if you got a problem with me, confront me face to face
but just know you can never k!ll me
my words are more powerful than hypernovas
i’m so powerful i’m known as a casanova
i am the realest, ima make you speechless
your anxiety bout to rise
no rapper has sobriety like me
boy just step into my reality
you just don’t know how good my rap is yet
you ain’t getting that actuality
i’m just tryna do stuff right and haters out here being k!ller bees
they just ain’t getting the sight
and you know that i’m a 100% right!