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lirik lagu holy image of lies – sum 41


“holy image of lies”

i don’t believe, i think i’m falling asleep
is this beginning or ending? am i stuck in a dream?
i don’t wanna know what i think, i suppose
out of the light into this timely demise
and there’s a cross on the hill, the holy image of lies
i’ve opened my mind, but this dream is still real

you don’t need to worry, i’m just fine
i’ve just lost my mind

tell me it’s over ’cause i don’t feel a thing at all
no conscience, not no more, senses all have disappeared
am i at all alive tonight? paranoid, am i to run?
am i at all alive tonight? crash and fall suicide with me

look in my eyes, tell me i’m alright
i don’t know if i’m still alive
if this is goodbye, forever’s just a lie,
but big enough to make you wanna try

in just one life how can we
live enough to rest in peace
in just one life (just one life)
how can we live enough to rest in peace now

oh oh oh oh

here as i stand, hand in hand, and one hand on my heart
as i depart, it’s not so hard, what a day to become a man
you have your scars but i never thought that you would give me none

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