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lirik lagu zombie tread – sunshine christo


enjoy the little wins, but the last one is mine

[verse 1]
gun with the chop and the b*tch got a scope
i don’t need to aim, i just shoot on go
pull up to the block and we ain’t reload
don’t spare the bullets, man, just unload
why they so p*ssy and scary, mane?
they talking tough just for the web, mane
finna let it spray, let it paint, gang, monkey in the cut, orangutan
madman on the run from the views of the opps
the opps be telling on gang, they be worse than the cops
reporting my sh*t, man, they moving so odd
n*ggas wannabe heroes, man, these punks think that thеy god
you ain’t a hero and you ain’t special
congrats on rapping, do you want a medal?
only steel i got is invеsted in is my metal
nightcore the beat, man, full gas on the pedal
f*ck all the lames and all of their friends
you want to shoot me, man, then just do it then
you pull up one deep, i pull up with ten
n*gga tried to flex so i left him dead, got him cornered and he want pity
if the tables were turned you wouldn’t show any
so i won’t show any and i won’t show none
only thing i show is the barrel of the gun
you rapped about them but you never shot one
homies with people that just k!lled for fun
real soldiers, real military, i’m posted at the mall, you at the cemetary
[verse 2]
you think you gon’ make me run from the cops
b*tch, you’re going to drop dead just like all my opps
b*tch, i got a gun and you know i got one
so why the f*ck are you testing this for? b*tch, you know i got the funds
run up on a b*tch and i’m shot with the blood
you know that i roll up with the f*cking blunt
rapping like a robot, ’cause i ain’t have no fun
rapping like i’m saibot from mortal kombat
b*tch, you going to get hit with the motherf*cking gat
and i do a karate kick and i kick off your f*cking head
b*tch, you’re going to end up motherf*cking dead
you keep f*cking testing, you keep f*cking playing
b*tch, i’m a demon, we get to f*cking slaying
get the gun, b*tch, we get to f*cking spraying like this b*tch is splatoon
b*tch, this not a cartoon, b*tch, you got attitude
and you going to f*cking die, you mess with my gang
b*tch, we going to take your life and i don’t really care
but i really f*cking do, ’cause if you mess with me, you get hit with the tool
you a fool and a b*tch, and a bum and a loser
i don’t care about you, b*tch, you like vtubers and i don’t
trying to be so disrespectful, but n*gga, this sh*t is so d*mn hateful, ah, ah

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