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lirik lagu casino blonde – super american


being available is so unattractive
i prefer my women sociopathic
being a good girl won’t get you remembered
come on, put my heart in a blender

theresa keeps saying i need to stop dating
girls who post selfies every other day
she’s head over heels for this dude at her job
he likes to do it five times a night
and twice more in the morning — oh my god
sounds like quite the romantic
that redefines the term s*xually active
being a good girl won’t get you remembered
go on, put your heart in a blender

i’m still hung up on
the same girl
casino blonde
taurus, gemini
i should have done my research
before i tried

gemini woman, taurus man
google search, i understand
gemini woman, taurus man
one google search & now i understand