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lirik lagu 100 bars – surf



[verse 1]
it’s surf time
can’t n0body come take sh*t from me ’cause i earned mine
i’ll serve my d*ck on a plate before i serve time
how the f*ck i’m signing all these checks without a co*sign?
choke slam the p*ssy in the bed, like a clothesline
i can’t even read *n*log, i got no time
they said, “you want the bimmer or the benz?”
b*tch, they both mine
they said that we could only bе friends, b*tch, they both lying
she think she hurting me
we just got some packs inside the mail, it’s strong like hercules
i just popped like two beans, one don’t work for me
b*tch, i’m tryna f*ck your friend, you ain’t curving me
last time i heard you let him f*ck, you gave him third degree
i really should just take my ass to school, get my third degree
i broke her heart and fixed it right up, i gave her surgery
i’ll spill lean on burberry, it’s just a shirt to me
two b*tches want me at the same time, i made ’em race
six digits in my bank account, i just made a face
f*cked a b*tch and put her on a martyr, that’s a great escape
i don’t know what the f*ck i be doing, i just make her wait
i don’t know what the f*ck her name is, i’m just saving face
i don’t know what the f*ck i’ma finna eat, i’m just saying grace
i don’t know how the f*ck i’m getting money, i just paper chase
the irs be watching my sh*t, i can’t bank with chase

[verse 2]
let’s go do it
bend it over, throw that sh*t back, b*tch, don’t move it
i can’t f*ck with broke hoes, they be so stupid
b*tch, don’t ask for my phone, you can’t go through it
they all like my voice, i make dope music
your boyfriend so lame, he make no music
how the f*ck he fall off? he was never on
how the f*ck you feeding your kids when you never home?
everything that i say is true, b*tch, i’m never wrong
9/11 was an inside job, b*tch, do the math
corona virus was an inside job, b*tch, do the math
the cdc wanna k!ll n*ggas, but, we knew that
i don’t like doing no beef, b*tch, i’m going vegan
if it’s plenty fish inside the sea, then i’m goin’ seeking
b*tch, you broke my heart, how the f*ck we even?
you don’t have no car, how the f*ck you leaving?
i can’t do this sh*t
bad b*tch work at subway, making tuna fish
beat the pack, smack down, raw, i’m abusing it
why she always tryna use the tv when i’m using it?
i don’t even got a b*tch to cry about, i’m losing it
b*tch, don’t give me no xans, i’m refusing it
you say that you not dumb, but you proving it
i don’t beef with n0body, b*tch, i’m cooling it

that’s a hundred bars
know some n*ggas behind the bars, broke a hundred laws
big bag on my shoulder, like i’m santa claus
just wait ’til i get older, i’m the f*cking oz