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lirik lagu morning thought – surface to air missive


i am concerned with nothing today
no one can take my time
and for nothing do i slip away

i know some people who can find the peace
i wanna find it, too
with or without you
all their lucky stuff in a hopeless bed

and i know the day has just begun
seeing birds in the morning sun

at night i long for daylight to come
dreams of a lighting storm
wake me to a flood of sunshine

i left my heart out on display
for it’s the only way you’d understand me
i don’t understand you and your painful game

and i know the day has just begun
sorority girls on on the morning run

there are no golden years to defend
loves me way back then
roaming the streets to no fruitful end

still i’m nostalgic for a time
i never live the sound
this fate that i want
can there be nothing at all?

and i know the day has just begun
so much to say before it is done

i see a window come to my door
i’ve wanted to know you for so long that i feel i belong to you

and i thought the day had just begun
but i blinked my eyes and then it was done