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lirik lagu 13619 – svirgo19


drugs got me high
like a beat i feel lofi
everyday when we sway
chilling till we decay
don’t get me wrong
cause this life goes on
we’ll be maxing and relaxing to this chill song

[verse 1]
cause we all trippin feel a wave
tell me to calm down or just behave
we preach bars with a brother on the train puff puff popping pills preach then another swallow stay in your lane

meet me at the saint laurent store cashing out on my g like its costco i feel lost bro

[verse 2]
cause we were born to be this way
let me tell ya
and people love it when they hate
just remember
the realist right now
we as happy as can be
shout out my gs holding my down chilling on the beach dont get close or you’ll drown
f*ck them all those that be hating on me
let me narrate, spectate and see
the feeling you people all sensate,yeah its me
h*llo goodbye
no a raid
they fade
people through all the shade
wonder what shade her foundation is in
people acting all the same
as me and g sit here in the breeze till the next
so you can

meet me at the saint laurent store cashing out on my g like its costco i feel lost bro

[verse 3]
look at me its evident
my past is mostly hesitant
so with no doubt imma say peace i’m just getting rest
cus i know none of you will ask if i’m here or whether i left
then it would be to late i’d be at home only need me so i’m never alone
i’m just tryna live normally
i never cared how people want me to act and be
just a movie scene
but i want to do what i want to to
what i want to be
you know i just wanna be live free
self medicating clears the head
silence does have a sound
red sirens are on now
reminding myself to calm down
shocked to see my guard down
curious to know who you are now
lets say that i told you i was different, from the rest
but does that mean i could be better than the best
life’s a tactical game feeling like chess
all the sh*t i seen make you stressed
just remember you got god so you blessed