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lirik lagu 19 – svirgo19


im trippin i’m trippin, im k!lling them it’s clear i’m limitless, vigilance, living in, moments,winning them  they heaven sent, try, i’m trying to represent, systematic world breaking k!ll the static dont fake it like they infinite, really i want it so bad, i still get it in, funny how people hate but when i make i they’ll love me, feeling my pride slip away, let the humble in
i’m tryna balance these they tryna bury me don’t want me a part due to the art of this treacherous heresy
it gets scary in the deep eve picking from the very tree that made all your life peak
but you see we won’t make it out of here
it’s very clear some of us are along for the ride some are sight seers but i’m here vibing writing feel the perfect timing making music on the go but wheres the silver lining
if i could k!ll fear then i would k!ll.hope
because we hoping that our fear will disappear
like a puff of smoke
puff i see you smoking i see you laughing now you paranoid
turning up the speakers so i can drown out the noise
dreaming.of a day when i walk up on the stage and collect an award
i realised
every dream
ends a knew one begins
clarity charity disparity
don’t compare them to me,too many scared you see,lord i wanna live free your self influence ain’t fair to me, i need sp*ce i need air i need room to breathe just a phase of the moon, the stars are takin care of you guiding too many changes in the lighting changing like the seasons, they change for four different reasons, they reaching out teaching now or fighting and breaching us how they don’t need you when you need em when they need you you’ll still feed them, bite the hand that feed em, and when you beefing they text they delete you chat sh*t to your friends about how your really evil i’m gone like the weekend, now i’m back that’s yo friend you was linking, give or take that like i’m lincoln, in the park nah i ain’t drinkin, 2020 nah i can’t even, ain’t even started peaking, so ask me about this or that who the realist what’s truth and what’s fact i could.tell you many things i could tell you many secrets
but for now you’ll know nothing that’s why i see it
that’s the way i feel it
that’s how you deal it
thats how sh*ll see it
its they way and the way back
way way way back
we go way back and you can never ever change that

picture me 10 albums deep and famous
money jewellery sold out shows cars i ain’t blameless to dream
award shows tv movies and all the ones hating are nameless
imma make it big to throw in all your faces