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lirik lagu 21 grams – swag toof


fucc with ya
fucc with em

[hook: choir boy]
man he lit
come down on the strip yuh
i could get you
any thing i wish yuh
blow this sh-t yuh
40 on my wrist yuh
shorty i could get you anything i wish yuh

oooh (?) with ya
ooh (?) i don’t fucc with ya
yuuhhh you ain’t gotta f-ck with us
on that fucc sh-t then you ain’t gonna fucc with us

[verse 1: ouija]
scratches on my skin piece of sh-t with a baddie though
i’ll do anything for this thang but i gotta know
cemetery rain where we lay smoking marlboro
appet-te be gone she my bone thought i wanted you
tombstone fall like domino
they don’t understand cause we coming up
whip, man he lit drip all of his friends (?)
you ain’t ever cared when i was struggling
far into the sauce i was sucking in
they ain’t ever swam in the gutter then
they don’t understand what i’m drowning in


[verse 2: choir boy]