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lirik lagu and we’re back – sweats.




[verse 1: sweats]
these n-ggas seeming -ss, and me? i’m just thinking fast
and x-ing b-tches’ boxes while i’m putting n-ggas’ dreams in casts
and my n-ggas is dreaming cash and play at every station
me and you: two i’s, making a “we,” but i ain’t f-cking playin’
no sentiment, your raps collecting sediment
and sweats is only letterin’ so po-po have some evidence
a motherf-cking fresh-a-man spitting like i’m a letterman veteran
f-cking h-llish-bent on seeing n-ggas heaven-sent
since 8 i’ve been wanting these dreams
before i’m f-cking 24, so i’ve been writing 16s
or even 32s, if it’s that or half, i’ll still murder you
girls saying “sweats i’ve heard of you. i’m tryna make a dirty two.”
tired of lunchables thinking they f-cking run the show
i’ll sh-t on your huxtable and your mitch & ness adjustable
coming proper to knock you right off your rocker
i’m bending flows and kickin’ it like sokka playing soccer