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lirik lagu 38 minutes – (swedish) death polka


mrs welbanks:
she was just 17, a very very small queen. but they said “if the maiden’s not a virgin we will stone her” (9). she flew to london for gravy and pie, and i now see the future. we are all exposed for change, for change and bread. we are dead but alive. we are quiet but breathing. we are boring but living. this is not 1995 anymore (17). she said“i get my inspiration from drinking beers and riding bikes, you can come with me if that’s what you like”. she’s walking from the scene of some quick romantic delight, saying you’re a gloomy book i would not write. i’m leaving now with a taste of salt, i’m leaving now for sweet sweet wine (35)

clandestine fashion:
we can’t avoid them, so we charge head first blind and beautiful
there’s no way they can steal this feeling from us
the feeling of knowing we are gold
and our hands are glowing for the righteous causes and the right reasons
the only secret that’s left is the one we are creating right now
the clandestine fashion we are building is slowly taking over their heads and feet

we can cut our own nails, we can eat colorful things
we can dance to the original glam blast
we can play for hours, and then play for days
we are beautiful sugary youngsters

there’s nothing to stop us now
and if you don’t fall in love now, we never will
we can’t wait to adore this culture that we hate
this is the beginning
you are reading the letters, the words
this is for you in the springtime
the secret of you and i

miss star club:
she always wanted to be miss starclub

bl–dy pristine pink pillow:
the wedding’s over now and you’re over here
let us rejoice and be glad, for the wedding of the eel has come and his bride has made herself ready
fine linen, bright and clean was given her to wear

the wedding’s over now and you’re over here
general bearing says to me, bless those who are invited
cameras and fingers, bottom lips are swollen and bruised
bl–dy pristine pink pillow
s-ssy swedish dead pregnant people

i’ll teach you how to love with confusion on the dance floor babe
you know i’m a professional
the train is coming over the bridge, your bed is empty let’s do it
i’ll show you how to love with confusion
i’ll show you how to love in the schoolyard

why did you have to rape me? i feel to smitten and ugly

roman empire:
the roman empire was born on milk and honey

red red operation:
she said something like, i’m a dj you’re a song. she had a red red heart with a little bridge in it. can you tell me, where or when it will destroy us in the end? you can’t rely on a friend who’s dead. can you tell me?

dj: she said something like ”i’m a dj you’re a song. take me out and turn me on, let yourself go” dj make me dance, let’s move around in particular motions. turn right, turn left, turn there, turn upside down. let’s move around in particular motions. laisse-moi bouger de façon désordonnée

i see sadness in your glamour:
i see sadness in your, i see sadness in your glamour