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lirik lagu shit talkin’ (and boy does it stink!!!) – sweetjp


[verse 1]
the beat’ll shower power like a waterfall
the heat will tower out as steam envelope ya’ll, sell it raw now
eat the meat a leader beat, a liter leak between my feet
i see you seem to reach to speak, “uh-liddle-liddle” be your speech
you ain’t a star, no this is patrick just a b-st-rd under rock
won’t make it far your bringing laughter even faster than your c-ck
will bust a nut when you get touch usually rub it in a sock
so b-ttercup won’t blossom up you’re just some bubbles in the wok
forming from the juice a little sizzle then you pop
only worthy bust you ever had was coming out your pops
only first place that you ever grabbed was running in your mom
then hear hear her say “wish your father had just busted on my jaw”
and like a seesaw we saw you fall now i’m up
need a refill be still i steal from your cup
leave you empty envy of me and my nuts
on your breath i get high now die from my cuts

cuz it’s my turn to talk sh-t, you’re turn to walk b-tch
my turn to flaunt it, you turn and bought it
my lines are flawless, your rhymes are garbage
i’m an adonis, you look like cottage
cheesing from all this, frown on your small lips
green in my wallet, your back is calling
steak i’mma swallow it, ramen you boil it
taking up all it, making you haul it

[verse 2}
you got p–p on your b-lls and you look like a chump
uterine wall closing down when your up
nickname for your d-ck it be dr. slump
i’m ahead of my time like future trunks
you gonna talk out your -ss it get sutured shut
force feeding you fast like a wu-tang cut
sparking butane tucked in my two trained lungs
i’m in bruce wayne f-cked lil tunechi’s tongue
i’m the batman at the bat man and i’m battering
the badmen in the bed pen into batter like the
bradman from the badlands for the bettering of
batting and i’m betting that a batarang’ll
have him hanging out to try dry, too high too high
just a joker playing out a lie, third eye third eye
seeing through you saying how am i, jedi jedi
cleaving you filleting now i fry, goodbye, goodbye!