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lirik lagu detached – system syn


he feels different underneath her sky
not different from before
just different from her
she says he’s an -sshole
she says he’s detached
she says she’s in love

he is detached
she’s not in love
she’s just obsessed
with the person that she think he is
but he’s not
he is detached
he smiles when he’s happy
he smiles when he hates
she hates when he smiles
because she knows that he knows
that she doesn’t know what that means

he is detached
he speaks in third person
as if it helps to pretend
that this person isn’t him
so she thinks
so she’s wrong
she says she’s in love
so she’s wrong
he is detached
but he knows who he is
and more than anything
he sees nothing wrong

and she says he’s an -sshole
and she says he’s detached
because she doesn’t see
for him it’s always raining
underneath her sky