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lirik lagu drone – system syn


they wound you up like a child’s toy
and pointed you into the fire
and even as your plastic self began to melt
you didn’t know the end was near

they slit your throat like you were cattle
bled you out and left you dry
and even as the warmth of red
rushed across your chest you said
is it okay if i ask why

why does it feel so much like it’s a stab in the back
like if you let them in they’re just poised for attack
so how can anyone form anything that’s real
when everyone hates everyone for saying what they feel

you’re conditioned not to notice
anything beyond your reach
so when the windows open up
you won’t offer up a speech
you’ll just be silent like the windup toy they taught you all to be
and i’ll just smile as i’m melting down the man i thought was me