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lirik lagu halo – system syn


a trip down to the street where my halo fell
will tell you all you’d care to know about me
a p-ssage through a lifetime
in relative terms i’ve already died
now my hope can’t stay afloat on it’s own
she’s praying still she’ll die alone
and i can’t own my face like this
it’s really not me, i swear to god
my real ident-ty could crush a thousand “me”s
with just the flick of a halo
the tick that tells you i’m nervous
you deserve this
what did you find in that dark street
seeped into pavement so discreet
a swept up dream
a pile of gl-ss
and everything slows down too fast for me
for me
that’s what you’d care to know
and throw yourself in front of my face
covered with your lame embrace
and tell yourself you never knew
the things in life that i’ve been through
just tell yourself you never knew
what i’ve been through