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lirik lagu i never was – system syn


i want an enemy like you
i want to lie until it’s true
i’ll trade this life for something new
if that means i can blame it all on you

you want to run away from this
detach yourself from what you’ll miss
you’d trade this life for one last kiss
anything for instant bliss

i don’t think you know me now
and i don’t think you ever will
you live your life moving on
but you are always standing still
fighting tides of burden
red from all the lives that you once wore
you pealed away your human face
and i don’t know you anymore

they say everything must die
apply that now to you and i
these things you hold are in the past
and you know why they didn’t last
it wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t our time
it’s not like life came with a perfect design
there’s one person to blame and you know it’s not me
i’ll give you one f-cking guess who that person could be

i owe you nothing
i don’t owe you anything at all

how am i the enemy
by design or destiny
this is want life was meant to be
and you thrive off the tragedy

you can say it’s my fault if that helps you to sleep
or just choke on the secrets that you made me keep
you were afraid of me then and you’re afraid of me still
you want to see through me but you never will