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lirik lagu reality is – system syn


i’m half way sane today
or was it yesterday
or is that you that i’m thinking of
i only broke down four or five…
or as many years as i’ve been alive
and you’re not
i caught myself thinking about you
it could be i was looking at you
and your face wasn’t quite the same
without your gl-sses i wouldn’t recognize you
could be the damage from the bullet
or the coroner’s knife
and i packed your things you know
stuck my finger in the pool
that you left on your bedroom floor
and from the rag my father used to clean up your blood
i cut a square
a little piece of you alive for me
but little piece of mind for the family
but don’t worry
i know that we’ll do fine
and i know why you had to leave
just tell me there’s a light
because life is killing me
and i am only so strong