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lirik lagu scumbag – 86 mentality

pickin no sides and walkin the fence
talkin your sh-t with no consequence
you ratted out your boys, you got no heart
never had a backbone right from the start

cuz you played the game, you cheat to win
you’re cards been pulled, you’ll get done in
made your bed, now lie in it
eye for an eye man, you’ll pay for it
always got a story but never got a stance
always spittin lies, same old song and dance


traitor-rat you got no f-cking spine
your lies are out, you’re runnin out of time
you hide behind a wall of coward’s fear
you fooled em all but now it’s f-ckin clear
sc-mbag – deserve no respect
sc-mbag – deserve what you get
sc-mbag, sc-mbag, you’re gonna get yours
out the back door now you try to run
don’t wanna pay for what you f-ckin done
what the h-ll is going through your head
now you got me seeing f-ckin red


now it’s your turn

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