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lirik lagu song we made love to – mickey gilley


to hard to think about’, to sad to talk about
that part of me is gone
i can’t start all over ’cause i can’t forget you
you’re always there when i hear that song.

well, that’s the song that we made love to
now i can’t forget you
it’s got to be my favorite song, that sweet sad song
that song that we made love to.

—instrumental —

don’t know why i’m playin; ‘ the song that’s playin’ now
lord, it make me think of you
it was such a special tune the first time we heard it
was the night we feel in love.

we turned the light down low
i said i love you
we held each other all night long
and we playd that song.

that song that we made love to.
that old song that we made love to…

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