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lirik lagu legendary wordplay – t.f


[verse 1: t.f]
legendary wordplay
this and that, thataway
inner*city, interstate, interstellar, cerebellum
sara lee, b*tch caked up parallel
parallel my parking and i ain’t even touch steering wheel
sheer will, still waters
speed boats, no windmills
yacht bound, that’s dope sailing
dead men tell no tales
oh yeah, big yea
shrimp scampi with the crip legs
drive*by’s with the criplettes
k!ll everybody with their lips red
don’t be mislead, we don’t miss leads
mishaps turn to quicksand
how you stuck in it?
and if the cops come then stay tongue twisted
f*ck n*gga
jumpеd in it, got with it
got dollars, jumped out it
top dog, shot caller
kobe beef with my top ramеn
slip and slide, trick daddy
ain’t a nare nother like [?]
ain’t nare n*gga coming this scary
with the wordplay a n*gga legendary, k!lla!
legendary wordplay
[verse 2: icecoldbishop]
uh huh, look
look, okay
new chop, call it big head
shotty pellets look like fish eggs
hold that b*tch like a stiff arm
i’ll give a p*ssy n*gga stiff legs
f*ck, now a n*gga gotta snip dreads
right now with the l!ck red
at your house underneath the big bed
in the kitchen looking for the big bread
.30 hang when i lift leg
stomp a n*gga then i switch leg
hang a n*gga by a cliff edge
hang a n*gga by, f*ck
hit a fence for agility
three n*ggas, three arms with us like we all got disabilities
police asking questions, got bad memory
and i got bad tendencies
half a gram on a dinner plate
getting high everytime a n*gga eat
’bout to do a b*tch n*gga sweep
right off a b*tch n*gga feet
came with your little homeboys
oh, i’m dolo on a b*tch n*gga fleet, uh huh
[outro: t.f]
legendary wordplay
legendary wordplay

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