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lirik lagu tik tok – t. mills


“tik tok”
(ke$ha cover)

[verse 1:]
it’s t. mills
young favorites
i’m h-lla gone right now
ya know, around the clock
that’s why i got all this sh-t
but uh, f-ck it
you know, it’s like this

i just woke up and i’m still high
wipe the sleep up out my eyes
find some weed to my surprise
and a couple girls by my side
with their clothes all on the floor
hangin’ panties on my door
thinkin’ bout’ the night before
like, d-mn my hips are sore.

[chorus: x2]
won’t stop, till i drop
smoke some weed and take a shot
bright lights, livin’ life
yeah, this girl’s lookin’ right

don’t stop, make it hot
watchin’ all these bottles poppin’ oh
oh oh oh oooh!
oh oh oh oooh!

[verse 2:]
i got a girl who look like ke$ha, yeah she h-lla sick
and i got these ladies going gaga on my disco stick
tell her wait in line
unles they fine
cause’ for them, i’ll make some time
and if the b-tch looks like my ex, i might just hit it from behind
she’s gunna take her jeans off
then lick this whipped cream off
when we tik tok, around the clock
and we both don’t stop till i end up on top
and she likes it when i hit that spot
f-ck in my room and we never got caught
heeeeh! naaah. you remember that, don’t you? okay!

[chorus x2]

i spend my time like my money
burnin’ holes in my pockets, yeaaaah!
tonight is just one of many
i won’t let nothin’ stop it
let nothin’ stop it
let nothin’ sotp it
i’ll never stop (can’t stop)
i’ll never stop (i want it)
i’ll never stop (baby, livin’ it up)
we can’t stop (can’t stop)
we can’t stop (i want it)
we can’t stop (can’t stop)
we can’t stop livin’ it up

[2 claps]

[chorus x2]

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