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lirik lagu 2020 – t-shanay


mmmhmm (h*llo)
sk the plug
sk the plug

[verse 1]
yo, i’m stuck inside bored collecting dust
abiding by the rules not much they ask of us
everyday seeing people outside, like what the f*ck
have you ever watched the news? man turn the volume up

[verse 2]
i had a dream, about a dream because we’re stuck inside
daydreaming ‘bout the time, back when we could go outside
before quarantining can’t believe you let your faith hide, but now you’re being religious just because somebody died
believing in the lord casually
led you to blaming him for everyone of, those casualties
jesus walked on water, but we’re drowning on the land
because 20/20 was the year, we all done planned

[verse 3]
people buying too much and it’s causing a scene
cardi said, “this sh*t is real” and it ain’t a dream
it took a pandemic for y’all now to stay clean, being stingy on the water….that’s mean
the rates are going up, that we’re seeing individually
people on the front line, everyday working tirelessly
8pm applauding at our doors sharing energy
d’ya think covid*19 might go down in the history?

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeyeah (yeyeah)
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeyeah (yeyeah)
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeyeah (yeyeah)
yeyeah (yeyeah)
yeyah (yeyah)