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lirik lagu on the way (freestyle) – t-wayne


[verse 1]
blowing up like they thought i would, young n-gga doing good
back in high school i ran a 4 3
swear that i been at it ever since 14
i was 15 when i started sipping lean
got my first pack shipped when i turned 16
they ain’t never believe, they was hating on me
now i swear everybody want to be on my team
i ain’t never sold drugs but i swear that i will
if that’s the only way that i can pay my bills
all i need is a foreign and a house on the hills
i ain’t tryna get a deal, i’m just tryna see a mill
whatchu mean i ain’t been working, homie you ain’t worth it
i ain’t gotta explain, i’m getting money for certain
and if i’m on the track, swear to god that i’mma murk it
i need a bad b-tch but she got to be perfect
yeah i rap without a purpose i been on mine
hustled up a few dollars just to hit the lunch line
swear i would [?] nothing if i go back in time
i was in the hallways, i ain’t never had a dime
but i was just rapping, they thought that i was trapping
tried to copy my flow but you know that they was lacking
your girl calls me baby but ain’t never had contractions
i was all in a magnum, i was making it happen
and that was 09
homie i been at it before your time
every since 15, i was in the hall p-ssing out cds
with my n-gga ali, we was stcs
i ain’t never sleep but i always had a dream
make my pockets have green like lean and cuisine
k!lling every word, k!lling every verb
n-gga been connected to the streets, n-gga i’m the curb
and i ain’t got to brag, been at it a long time
been headed to the top, there’s just been a long line
but you know i’m on the way