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lirik lagu singularity – tacoma washington weekday club


[verse 1]
wooden crucifix
screaming bl**dy expletives
the world is impotent
you can walk outside
but cover your head
’cause we know where you’ve been
we know where you’re going and we’re coming with
33 strikes against your skin
atonement for all the hidden sins, huh?

[prechorus 1]
i’m tired of
warm blood
but the wires don’t
like being cut
so i’ll let it breathe
in the meantime
i’ll come back
when it feels right

coming down
it’s coming down
don’t let your feet touch the ground
you thought it was better this way?
well, i think you’re wrong
cause now you’ve got nowhere to hide
everything you thought was inside your mind
the barcodes in you tell us everything
this is the sound of the singularity
[verse 2]
fall and fall and fall
until your backs against the wall
and ask all the same questions
it’s like you’re stuck on repeat
if you could’ve you would’ve stopped this days and days ago
but all it serves to do is add a couple extra lashes for ya’

[prechorus 2]
i like it when
you let me take control
you’ve given me
a hand to hold
but it’s over now
i’m pulling the plug
cut the cables
and watch you power off

the barcodes in you tell me everything…
step back, i’ve got nothing to lose